Eve - Love Is Blind (feat. Faith Evans) lyrics (Chinese translation). | Faith]
, Hmm, yeah, yeah, hmm
, [Eve]
, Hey, yo I don't even know you and I hate...
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Eve - Love Is Blind (feat. Faith Evans) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Faith]
ZH: 信仰]

EN: Hmm, yeah, yeah, hmm
ZH: 嗯,是的是的嗯

EN: [Eve]
ZH: [平安夜]

EN: Hey, yo I don't even know you and I hate you
ZH: 嘿哟不知道你和我恨你

EN: See all I know is that my girlfriend used to date you
ZH: 看到我知道的就是我的女朋友用来和你约会

EN: How would you feel if she held you down and raped you?
ZH: 如果她举行你和强奸了你你会怎么样?

EN: Tried and tried, but she never could escape you
ZH: 试了又试,但她永远不能逃脱你

EN: She was in love and I'd ask her how? I mean why?
ZH: 她在爱和我会问她如何?我的意思是为什么呢?

EN: What kind of love from a nigga would black your eye?
ZH: 什么样的爱情从一个黑鬼会黑你的眼睛?

EN: What kind of love from a nigga every night make you cry?
ZH: 什么样的爱情从一个黑鬼每晚让你哭?

EN: What kind of love from a nigga make you wish he would die?
ZH: 什么样的爱情从黑鬼让你希望他会死吗?

EN: I mean shit he bought you things and gave you diamond rings
ZH: 我的意思是的狗屎他给你买的东西,给你钻石戒指

EN: But them things wasn't worth none of the pain that he brings
ZH: 但他们的东西不值得无他带来的痛苦

EN: And you stayed, what made you fall for him?
ZH: 和你留下来,是什么让你爱上他吗?

EN: That nigga had the power to make you crawl for him
ZH: 那个黑鬼有力量让你为他爬行

EN: I thought you was a doctor be on call for him
ZH: 我还以为你是一名医生是在为他的电话

EN: Smacked you down cause he said you was too tall for him, huh?
ZH: 打你一个耳光下来因为他说你是为他的个子太高吗?

EN: That wasn't love, babygirl you was dreamin'
ZH: 那不是爱,你是梦想中的幻想

EN: I could have killed you when you said your seed was growin' from his semen
ZH: 当你说你的种子是从他的精液好久能有杀你

EN: 1 – [Faith]
ZH: 1 — — [信心]

EN: Love is blind, and love is blind
ZH: 爱情是盲目的和爱情是盲目的

EN: It will take over your mind
ZH: 它将接管你的想法

EN: What you think is love may truly not be
ZH: 你认为爱是真正不可能

EN: You need to elevate and find
ZH: 您需要提升和查找

EN: [Eve](Faith)
ZH: [平安夜](信仰)

EN: I don't even know you and I'd kill you myself
ZH: 我甚至不知道你和我会杀了你自己

EN: You played with her like a doll and put her back on the shelf
ZH: 你和她演奏的像个洋娃娃,和把她放回架子上

EN: Wouldn't let her go to school and better herself
ZH: 不会让她去上学,更好的自己

EN: She had a baby by your ass and you ain't giving no help
ZH: 她有由你的屁股和你的孩子不给没有帮助

EN: Uh-huh big time hustler, snake motherfucker
ZH: 嗯嗯大的时候骗子、 蛇王八蛋

EN: One's born everyday and everyday she was your sucker
ZH: 人天生是日常和日常她是你抽油

EN: How could you beat the mother of your kids?
ZH: 如何能不能把你的孩子的母亲?

EN: How could you tell her that you lover her?
ZH: 你怎么能告诉她你的爱人她?

EN: Don't give a fuck if she lives
ZH: 如果她住别给他妈的

EN: She told me she would leave you, I admit it she did
ZH: 她告诉我她会离开你,我承认她是它

EN: But came back, made up a lie about you missing your kids
ZH: 但回来,组成一个谎言你缺少你的孩子

EN: Sweet kisses, baby ain't even know she was your mistress
ZH: 甜蜜的吻,孩子都不知道她是你的情妇

EN: Had to deal with fist fights and phone calls from your bitches
ZH: 不得不处理的拳头战斗和电话从你的娘们

EN: Floss like you possess her, tellin' me to mind my business
ZH: 牙线像你拥有她告诉我要介意我的生意

EN: Said that it was her life and stay the fuck out of it
ZH: 说它是她的生活和留下来的他妈的

EN: I tried and said just for him I'll keep a ready clip
ZH: 我试过,只是对他说: 我会把准备好的剪贴画

EN: (No, no, no, no)
ZH: (不,不,不,no)

EN: Repeat 1
ZH: 重复第 1

EN: [Eve](Faith)
ZH: [平安夜](信仰)

EN: I don't even know you and I want you dead
ZH: 我甚至不知道你和我要你死

EN: Don't know the facts but I saw the blood pour from her head
ZH: 不知道的事实,但我看到的血从她的头倒

EN: See I laid down beside her in the hospital bed
ZH: 看看我在医院的病床上她的身旁放下

EN: And about two hours later, doctors said she was dead
ZH: 约两个小时后,医生说她死了

EN: Had the nerve to show up at her mother's house the next day
ZH: 鼓起勇气,第二天出现在她母亲的家

EN: To come and pay your respects and help the family pray
ZH: 来你的敬意,并帮助家庭祈祷

EN: Even knelt down on one knee and let a tear drop (oh)
ZH: 甚至跪了下来,单膝,让一滴眼泪 (oh)

EN: And before you had a chance to get up
ZH: 和之前你有机会站起来

EN: You heard my gun cock
ZH: 你听说过我的枪公鸡

EN: Prayin' to me now, I ain't God but I'll pretend
ZH: 现在祈祷我,我不是上帝,但我会假装

EN: I ain't start your life but nigga I'mma bring it to an end
ZH: 我不是你的生活但黑鬼我来使它结束的开始

EN: And I did, clear shots and no regrets, never
ZH: 和确实,清除镜头并没有感到遗憾的是,从来没有

EN: Cops comin' in, watch me going to jail
ZH: 警察进来,看着我去坐牢

EN: Nigga whatever my bitch, fuck it my sister
ZH: 黑鬼不管我的婊子,妈的我的妹妹

EN: You could never figure out even if I let you live
ZH: 即使我让你活你也没弄明白

EN: What our love was all about
ZH: 我们爱的是

EN: I considered her my blood and it don't come no thicker (whoa)
ZH: 我认为她是我的血和它不来不厚 (哇)

EN: Repeat 1 till end
ZH: 重复直到结束 1