Evasion - Heroes Get Remembered lyrics

Sifting through these memories of sleepless nights and broken dreams, begging for just one more day with you. you've always been my best friend. you've always been my hero, but heroes are not supposed to die. Everyday I wish that I could take your place, and it tears me up inside to see that look on your face. The eyes of a dying man can melt the hardest of hearts. The thoughts of losing you is tearing me apart. The eyes of a dying man can make the strong weak. The thought of losing you is sending tears down cheek. I don't think I'll ever be half the man you are, and it makes me sick, and it breaks my heart. I don't think I'll ever accomplish half the things you have. Moving mountains or saving lives it breaks my heart. They say heros get remembered and legends never die. You've always been my hero, and I refuse to say goodbye