Evan Greer - What Friends Are For lyrics

You called me up
The ringing woke me from my slumber
You sounded pretty fucked up
I'm so glad you'd memorized my number
You said you'd done it again
And you thought this time it might be the end
I said "don't you dare
Hang on friend, i'll be right there"

Then i got in the car and put the gas to the floor
In fifteen minutes i was at your door
There was blood on the seats, we did a hundred and ten
And i took a few drags off of your cigarette

We burned exactly four gallons of the very same shit
That fucked the world up so bad that you would do this
And i tried to explain how the planet is sick
And we do to ourselves what we've done to it
But by the time we got there you couldn't hear anymore
You were slumped over forehead on the dashboard
And my tears fell down to the hospital floor
As they held me back and pushed the stretcher through the doors

This is what friends are for
When the weight of it all cuts to the bone
And you can't take it anymore
No one could get through this alone

I sat by your side
And held the styrofoam cup close to your face
You looked me in the eye
Said "you've got to get me out of this place"
I said "i don't think i should,
The doctor's on his way back, you don't look so good"
I guess you sensed my fear
You said if "i'm gonna die i'm not doing it here"

So i pulled out the tubes and helped you into the chair
Someone behind us yelled "stop right there!"
But you were laughing again as we flew down the hall
And our voices echoed off the sterile white walls

And as i wheeled you out into the morning light
You screamed "everything's gonna be alright
Sometimes this world's too much to take
So your eyes snap shut and your heart it breaks" but you were out of the chair and we were in the car
Peeling out tires squealing towards that bright red star
As the sun rose over our tired town
We turned the radio up and rolled the windows down

This is what friends are for
To teach us things we've always known
When you can't take it anymore
No one could get through this alone

And it's times like these when it all makes too much sense
The connections burn so clearly, that feeling in your chest
When movement feels like murder and it hurts to take a breath
When the world needs so much more and you've got nothing left

This is what friends are for
When you've lost faith everything
And when i can't take it anymore
I know you'd do the same for me