Evan Greer - Rogues Of Ferry Beach lyrics

You can outlaw love and rage

You can paint those cities white

You can watch us all the day

But you can't see us at night!

Hey! we'll be clawing at the walls

Just beyond your reach

Laughing as your kingdom falls

Three rogues of ferry beach

Three rogues a runnin' from the twisted red and blue

White paint beneath their fingernails

Black tar beneath their shoes

Copper you can't catch us now

We're safely underground

And we'll be back tomorrow to un-paint the whole town!

C plays the wooden keys and i the wooden strings

And e can fight with pen and paint

Each blessed one can sing

And you'd best start runnin' when the lyrics start to flow

You can tell us what to do, we'll tell you where to go

Your whitewash paint is induced apathy

In this land of the brave, this home of the free

You know what is legal but we know right from wrong

You'd prefer we keep our love confined to rock and roll songs

But we will not follow you

Your laws or your decrees

We will melt whatever you can freeze

And begin to love the world

Through this old-time melody