Euphoric - The Abyss From Anna's Felt Pen lyrics

You should look closer at what you mean when you say,

"This language is pensive and irrational."

While cold dusk rises,

Lady Gluttony proves

That the deeds from the devil

Are without collateral.

Understand we are what we mean to ourselves

Understand that prancing in shadows...

Builds lust in our minds

What does it take to please you?

I may be nothing in your eyes

But the secrecy from your ink will be revealed


She's coming (she's coming) she's coming for you.

She never runs and she never hides

She only writes what's in her minds

She barely talks, but I know her name

She's whispering...

She took a blade and carved it against her veins

Her arms became swollen and she watched how it dripped