Euphony Three - Read My Mind lyrics

Read my mind, words are better left unsaid Roll with the times, it'd start a war or make you cry in bed In with the best intentions, out and I just made it worse My feelings just had no contention I don't wanna be your curse : Read my mind - you took a look and stuck around I don't read the signs, can't hear the silence for the sound I don't feel you feel this really, a heart of gold for a world of pain I don't think you heard me clearly, things won't ever be the same (Chorus) Don't ever change, I might miss this dearly Don't ever change, you're perfect just the way you are Don't ever change, just if we could see this clearly Don't ever change. Oh no, no no no no no no : Read my mind - thoughts better left undressed I can't make it right, all I say would make you stressed In the right connection, out and all we get is guilt This has just got no direction, I'm sorry that I overspilled In with the best intentions, out 'cos I don't make the grade Never found the right solution read my mind don't ever change (Chorus) x2