Ethnic Cleansing - Mason - Take I lyrics

JAMES MASON: Well you let me know when we're ready to rock and roll here.

STOOLEY CARMICHAEL: Alright, hold on a second here.

JAMES: We're not getting any bleed from anything in the background here, are we?

STOOLEY: No, nothing on your end. Uh...

JAMES: Somebody's doing a... running the TV but it's way out on the other end.

STOOLEY: Yeah, it's not... it's not picking up. Ok, uh, whenever you're ready, uh, do it, uh, well just do it, and we'll see what happens.

JAMES: "I've yet to see it fail.

Not a week ago I was talking with a friend in Michigan and had occasion to comment that it's been altogether too quiet lately. Within days of that there was a multiple racial shooting in Philadelphia. Word had it that there had been an earlier one some months before involving a colored shooting Whites.

This has become a pattern for me.

But the fact is that sporadic incidents like these hardly do justice to the kind of violence indicated by the perpetual state of alienation and outrage that covers all formerly White countries like a blanket.

I would earnestly hope that instances such as these amount to the social equivalent of a plume of smoke coming from out of the side of Mount Saint Helens.

For something on that scale is what is called for here today. Only something like that would be the appropriate answer to what our racial enemies and our own traitors have done to these White lands and our people and cultures.

If what is left of Whites are not marked for extinction, then that is the reaction that will come, that must come, if they are to redeem themselves from this alien-induced sleep of death.

Do things like this take place at the drop of a hat? Only if such things as erupting volcanoes do likewise. And we know that they do not. Unrelenting and irresistible pressure, having built up over much time is what is called for in both cases.

That pressure is present and growing. There has been no real let-up for any of it to date. Some few individuals may snap and go over the top prematurely. It is only indicative of what is to come on a massive scale.

In the social sense, as it ever has been, there needs to be some catalyst, or as many catalysts as possible, to help guide and propel the trend along. An explosion is what is indicated and what is on the way. But it will come only in answer for what has been needed and denied and that is ethnic cleansing.

This compilation you are about to hear, as performed by Ethnic Cleansing and their lead vocalist, Stooley Carmichael, amounts to one of the best examples of just this very kind of catalyst that I am speaking of.

Let the pressure mount." And how was that?

STOOLEY: (laughs) I like it.

JAMES: Well then I'm gonna let you use your own judgement on what kind of background to put to that and I'm sure whatever you choose will be fine. And I hope, I'm sure it will be a hit!