Ethnic Cleansing - Alien Gook lyrics

They hatch from eggs, then multiply
First there's one, then twenty-five
Before you know it, you're overrun
By endless swarms of Gook scum
They landed here from outer space
Where else would he have gotten that face?

That fucking disgusting face! Those hideous eyes!
Gooks are not human. They're not fucking human;
They're mutants from the fucking Outer Limits!

He'll skin your cat & eat it alive
And bring it's skull back to the Hive
He gnaws on rats & munches mice
Sucks it down with a pound of rice
His fish-head breath will make you puke
Fucking mutant ALIEN GOOK!

You vile intergalactic Insect! Cosmic Chink!
Fucking die!
What in the fuck is he saying?
Get the napalm & start spraying; Spray them!
Fucking burn
Fucking die!

Choke these brutes & disinfect
Burn his hut & smash his Nest
Turn his village upside-down
Stomp these fucks into the ground
Kill them all, leave no trace
Send them back into space... back into fucking space!

All these Asian fucks, they don't fit in;
With their incomprehensible language,
& totally fucking revolting eating habits
It's disgusting; it's fucking sick
Yet, these creatures walk among us;
They are actually fucking walking around!
They're breeding and eating everywhere
They're destroying the fucking Earth
It's time to send them back;
Send them back to the darkened depths of space

Back to space! Back to the stars!

Go back to your wretched fucking planet;
You fucking ALIEN GOOK!