Etched In Red - Infallible lyrics

these scars are all you know

released and pure and well on the way
catching stride, piercing the blank
through the blur answers are found
grasping hold of dreams through a sound
the weary heart will set in
the tired mind will infest
and all that was will be no more
this urgency was killing all miracles that surfaced
now all that's staring back is the blank
postured with pride

the solution is all you want

visions split dividing what's done
collective thoughts bring all into one
reassemble, reunite
playing god once again
who understands the patience of creativity
under the empty and past the stare
will the precious light of reality fade away
and reveal the soft underbelly of the moment
a glimpse at the answer to why

the solution is all you want
but the process is just too much

damnit, I'm sick of being stuck
in the blindside of impatience
will someone clear the air so I can breathe
filter the failing notion
puncture the space of absent thought
and create life

so now respond and play the game
just one more time, it won't be the same
patience now strong breaks the way
don't fear, just be, be free
even though these scars are all you know