Esthetic Education - Butterfly lyrics

You point the finger at my head
Like a gun, like you just want to shoot me
What have I done to deserve this hate of yours?

I know its not easy for you
To feel like you used to
We're together for some time now
Please try to give back too

It's not easy, for me
To see how you have lost
All feelings for your man

I know, it's not easy for you
To say you're sorry too
Let's get together and try to work it through

You try to blame me
For your ills and hurt and pain
You try to say, I am not good enough for you

It's beautiful, it's beautiful
How, how you break me,
With five words to my heart
And how, you just slap me, one by one
I cry

I know you feel I've lost the touch
I've lost the words
I know you feel I am not enough for you

Well it's beautiful,
How, how you break me
Oh you push me down you make me up and you break me down
And how, how you hurt me,
With your words, I cry

You say we have gone another way from each other

It's beautiful (5x)

It's beautiful