Esitu - Broken Angel lyrics

The way you shine is almost mythical. All but divine, awkward and cynical. Sit in the calm warm currents of circumstance. The pain has come, open wounds salted as the waves crash on my dearest friend is only pretending. I'll love you always, the words that you wrote to me. I feel like I'm in a bad dream. Unsatisfactory, I would do anything for my dearest friend. You're all but dead with this ill foreseen ailment ... smokescreen. I'm so saddened by this light, gone numb from the ultimate lie. You didn't say good-bye, circulation gone in my mind. I'm tossing here at night, swallowed by the sadness inside. My cause for all of this, useless hostility has died. Hostilities died in my apathetic little mind. When I find a moment in time and I'm healed inside by my reasoning why, sadness follows. Kill my sorrows. My life hollow. End this now.