Escanaba Firing Line - Kill This City lyrics

Sly through the window
Its not so easy to do
Quiet, quiet, quiet
Taking so much from you
Seafoam hypnotized...
And I take the toll too
In this lea
I'm lax through and through

How you replace this is so voracious
Take it away one piece at a time
I'll find a way in this world...
To take it all and hold it as mine
It's my hand we break

Black blocks the window
So no light can get through
No happy endings for me or for you
From the top shelf falling
The fragile glass breaks
And we walk right through it
A red soaked mistake

Your stare is like a bullet...
Somehow I cant refuse
Countenance seems to tell one hundred different you's
When feelings lack definition is it deceit or misdirection?
Stand my ground and take the hit
Half my fault if I accepted
I've nothing...
I've nothing you can't take

Without question?
That is not the question
Which one of us holds the other down?
I'll find away in this world to take it all...
And watch it drown
To the depths of my mind
There you'll find what you wanted to hear
Everything that you thought
Everything that you hold dear

When feelings lack definition is it deceit or misdirection?
Light shines through the cracks to expose what was really there
A series, interconnected
It never really stood a chance
A foundation forged in steel...
What made us think it could last?
It's all...
What we make