Erk Tha Jerk - Right Here lyrics (Chinese translation). | I just wanna fuck you right here
, Can I fuck you right here
, Wanna fuck you right here
, Right...
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Erk Tha Jerk - Right Here (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: I just wanna fuck you right here
ZH: 我只是想干你就在这里

EN: Can I fuck you right here
ZH: 我可以干你就在这里

EN: Wanna fuck you right here
ZH: 想干你就在这里

EN: Right here
ZH: 就在这里

EN: [Chorus:]
ZH: [合唱:]

EN: I just want you to know you're just so beautiful
ZH: 我只想让你知道你是如此美丽

EN: And that's not the beautifuls talking baby.
ZH: 并不是 beautifuls 说话婴儿。

EN: Oooh your sex appeal
ZH: 噢你的性吸引力

EN: Your spandex and heels.
ZH: 您的氨纶和高跟鞋。

EN: We ain't gotta go nowhere, we don't need a room.
ZH: 我们不是要去哪里,我们不需要一个房间。

EN: Girl I wanna fuck you right here.
ZH: 女孩真心你就在这里。

EN: In the club, on the bar
ZH: 在俱乐部,栏上

EN: I just wanna fuck you right here
ZH: 我只是想干你就在这里

EN: In the car on the way to the crib
ZH: 在小床的路上车

EN: Girl I wanna fuck you right here
ZH: 女孩我想操你就在这里

EN: In the parking lot, on your lunch break
ZH: 在中午休息的停车场

EN: I just wanna fuck you right here
ZH: 我只是想干你就在这里

EN: Naw I don't care where we are I just wanna fuck you right here
ZH: 林夕我不在乎我只会在哪里想我靠你就在这儿

EN: [Verse 1:]
ZH: [诗歌 1:]

EN: ... 3 months Later, girl can I taste ya
ZH: ...3 个月以后,女孩可以品尝遐

EN: Sweet like candy my now and my later. Want it at the mall while we on the escalator. Fresh prince I am the Will to your Jada. Badd she know it, ass how I like it. Want it right now girl you ain't gotta fight it you can hop on top while I'm driving.
ZH: 甜像糖果我现在和我以后。希望它在梯上同时我们商场。新鲜王子我是你的下巴的意愿。Badd 她知道的那样,屁股我是多么喜欢它。希望它现在你不是的女孩必须战斗,驾车时合上它。

EN: Sneak up behind while you ironing.
ZH: 背后同时你熨平了偷偷。

EN: It's no time like the present you mine right now girl in the times of the essence
ZH: 现在不是时候喜欢你现在我时代本质的女孩的礼物

EN: Looking like breakfast, get it when you wake while you in the bathroom putting on your make up.
ZH: 看起来像早餐,得到它,当你醒来时你在浴室里放你。

EN: And I don't care if they stay or not.
ZH: 并不在意他们呆或不。

EN: I'm pulling over girl we don't need a marriot.
ZH: 我揪过的女孩,我们不需要万豪。

EN: Yeah I'm tryna see it all, when you fresh home from work get it up against the wall.
ZH: 是啊,我是阿隆都看得见,当你新鲜首页从工作得到它靠在墙上。

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [大合唱]

EN: [Verse 2:]
ZH: [诗歌 2:]

EN: In my new apartment, no furniture just carpet.
ZH: 在我新的公寓里,没有家具只是地毯。

EN: She a real bitch, so she don't mind.
ZH: 她真正的婊子这样她不介意。

EN: Back of the movies, yeah that's showtime.
ZH: 是后面的电影,这是 showtime。

EN: She a pro with it love how I throw mine
ZH: 她与它的 pro 爱如何抛出矿井

EN: She take them panties off in no time
ZH: 她拿小裤裤在没有时间

EN: In the studio, on a late night.
ZH: 在工作室里,在那么晚。

EN: She hit the booth and she sing like...
ZH: 她打了展位和她星喜欢...

EN: I love that shit.
ZH: 我爱这狗屎。

EN: Bet your ex nigga didn't make you come like this
ZH: 打赌你的前夫爱没让你来像这样

EN: I'm fly like I'm off a couple red bulls
ZH: 我是飞像我是关闭几个红色公牛

EN: Like her ass smacked, want her hair pulled.
ZH: 像她的屁股扳子,想要拉她的头发。

EN: On the counter in the kitchen.
ZH: 在厨房里的柜台。

EN: She late for work all I need is a few minutes.
ZH: 几分钟她上班的所有需要。

EN: What you scared about, cus we at your parents house
ZH: 你关于 cus 的害怕我们你父母家

EN: When your pops fall asleep I'm a wear it out.
ZH: 当您持久性有机污染物睡着我穿出来。

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [大合唱]