ErilaZ - New World Disorder lyrics

The first thing you hear
is your own misbeating heart
synced to the amount of stress
that keeps you awake

Caffeine, nicotine, heroine, sodomy,
Gasoline, valium, booze,
Dirt rally way off-course
and infected prepaid whores

What you see is what you get;
Advertisements and neon lights
despair, perpetual hurry
And sitcom filled nights

Oh, the pleasures of today,
Only black lights to illuminate,
Polluted smoke to inhale,
Our dried-up bodies have failed

Anarchy in the UK, in Europe
and the whole fucking world
Riots, flag-burnings and gallows,
Unwell being, free of charge

Birds of ill omen
struggling, covered in oil
feeding on each other
Wrapped in plastic foil

How can you bear,
being raped day after day
held in utter disgust
Ever continuing this fool’s play

Slit-throats, jesters and madmen
I will haunt you to your grave
The Blood Eagle is reserved for you
and anyone carrying your name

Welcome, my friend
To the New World Disorder
Welcome, my son
To bathe in the fallout