Erik Jurado - Love Song lyrics

I love love baby.
I love baby baby.
My love is heavy baby.
Why can't we just do like the wild animals do baby.
Don't judge me.
Judge my love for you baby.
Judge Judy would rule in favor of my love for you baby!
Then she gonna have to move it on out so we could get busy like I know you know we could baby.
This love song is not for you baby.
It's to you baby! It figures I give you two and now you want four!
I'm gonna get another beer baby, can I get you one too? Or should I have said, "two four?"
I'm not being psycho... I'm in love... I need a beer... I love beer baby!
This love song is dedicated to everything I love.
And it's also dedicated to everything else too, cause even the unloved need to be loved... that's cold baby. That can't be the dumbest thing ever said.... AGAIN!
How can I break the record EVERY DAY??? No, baby it's OK.
I probably deserved that. NAh, baby... I'm kinda dizzy and the mood has passed.
I'm gonna get some sleep baby, you mind keeping it down?
No baby, no... I'll love you tomorrow baby!
We'll try again tomorrow...