Erik Jurado - Absolution Within lyrics

Wonder – why I can't explain...
Memories – left inside my brain.
Changes – happening every day... a change
Watching – my loved ones drift away.

I'm absolutely alone, my friend.
Don't know when my time will end.
The only thing it seems should matter to me,
is being myself and free ...

You too, have the freedom to find what you need...
Yes, you do.
Daydreams – once came easy to me.
Yesterday - when we were running free.
Sometimes – thinking back to those days.
Realize - our memories turn to haze.

I'm absolutely alone in this world.
Spend my time misunderstood by my girl.
I just can't help being myself.
Sorry, babe if you feel your life's on a shelf.
Babe we tried, and if our love is done
with this ride, this absolution within's justified!

Time will be the only judge of me...
Yes, it will.
My mind – shows some pictures to me.
Lifetime – suppose to wait and see - believe.
Sunshine – always seems to burn me - reprieve.
That's fine – alone I'll face the journey.

I'm absolutely alone in this place.
Wandering through time,
as I'm spiraling through space.
Since I'm alone most of everyday
It's pretty clear to me that I just gotta please
the only person I know who sees,
yet, doesn't mind who I am
yeah, THAT'S ME!!!

If you change your mind, you know where I'll be...
Yes, you do.