Erick Arc Elliott - Love Shawty (2014)

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Erick Arc Elliott - Love Shawty lyrics

[Verse 1]
Yo, I be agitated at life so assassination's alright
You write essays, I write [?] on pages at night
While you be readin' your books, I'll be bookin' a flight
You graduated from college, I graduated at life
I made it this far without a actual diploma
Made more money off where I wasn't supposed to
I swear, I ain't been feelin' myself
I have been feelin' myself, feelin' like [?] with wealth
Spendin' time, takin' breath to death, I've been killin' myself
Slowly stealin' the belt, no one was willin' to help
Except my niggas, we made moves, nah
We make movements, that's why they call this breakfast music
Lick it up and make a toast for this jam
I get off to get on like you know who I am
You only gettin' cheese when you pose for the cam
Writin' lyrics off of E and [?] and coke in a can
So I know that I can, [?] any man
Words sharp enough to slit the throat of a man
The way I piece letters have rappers sendin' me peace letters
Some niggas just hate on us cause my team's better
And some niggas turn they back on a team effort
And some niggas turn rap just to see cheddar
Well as long as these cats by my side
Then I know my back got extra eyes
Guarantee that I see better, peace nigga

Nigga you ain't really poppin'
Mad at me? I think that's why
Nigga you ain't really poppin'
Mad at the team because a nigga got signed
Nigga you ain't really poppin'
On Instagram actin' like you got shine
C'mon my nigga stop it
You know what it is, you know Comitte stay fly, stay fly

Yeah, and this ain't shit
But this all y'all gonna get
I'm talkin' like I spit
Yeah, and I also talk a lot of shit
Drink [?], leave the streets ill
Break [?] as the team sill
Shoutouts my nigga Cole
Shoutouts my nigga Elite
Shoutouts my nigga Bas
Last Winter