Eric Morris - Modern Lullaby lyrics

Modern Lullaby

By Eric Morris
Performed by NTTP
Copyright 2002

Here I am
One step closer to my destiny
My heart is racing faster than
It's supposed to be
My eyes reflect the passion that
I've felt for so long
Burning oh so bright inside my mind

Take my hand,
Take me anywhere you please
It's been so long, since I actually saw me
Shining through into another person
And all the pain is formed into...

One push,
For the,
Top rung.
I've been,
So cold.
For so long now
And I cant see
What's happening around me
It's all a blur

Only a dream child
Wipe your tears away
Every one of us has come to fear this day
Losing faith in all we've ever known
The stained glass window shattered
By a single stone

Or a bullet flying
From a muzzle on the street
Rockets raining down
You know its always puzzled me
How humanity can grow to hate so fast
Always too arrogant to simply learn it from the past

This modern lullaby has sung me to sleep one too many times
Its time I opened up my eyes
And saw the truth behind the lies

Always digressing
The point of suppressing
Is never to help those in need
(It's always more for me!)

Every morning I find
In the back of my mind
One more reason not to believe
(That there's anyone who really cares)

One more push
For the top rung
I'll make it
I'll be better off than anyone
You'll see

(Please don't think like that)