Epoxies - Please Please lyrics

I comprehend that there's a danger,
that you might misapprehend the way things are.

You look to me like you're a stranger,
perhaps you've come here from afar.

I've been down here for oh so many years,
I scarcely notice now, the things they do.

But my advice is that you go back home,
You're much too beautiful, they're bound to ruin you.

You better run, we're watching, watching,
you better dart, we're waiting, waiting,
while we're waiting for you, lives are cold.

Little man, how'd you get in, get in?
You're goona die while wondering, wondering,
wondering more about you, lives unfold.

Please please, I don't think this world is right,
take me, take me back to space and light,
please please, suddenly I'm afraid,
take me somewhere, take me somewhere
I'll be saved.