Epiclore - A Song In Solitude lyrics

Morning shroud is floating by
and the first light is nigh
Once the dawning day revives
my weary mind - I face the wind

Awakened once again into
a world made of dreams
Some of which are made to life
and lived again
some are forlorn
some laid to rest

I run into some
that have come true
I wish I could start anew...

Thereby ends another day
and I'm passing you by
just to notice once again
it's all in my mind
all in my eyes
and all I know is

I'm falling deep
into the unknown
and into oblivion's arms
You're calling me
ready to condone
I follow and there you are

I carry you home and the
grace in your eyes
makes me weep
As we embrace
you whisper it's all just a dream
And right on the morrow
it's quiet again
and your memory's
fading away

And in solitude
I wake into the day