Envy And Other Sins - Morning Sickness lyrics

You wake and you dress,
Wash the dirt from underneath your fingernails
It's a system and it seldom ever fails
To kill these moments before you race to face the day

You sleep on the train, you get hypnotised by the morning rain
As the caffeine in your belly wears away
You're not sure what you're doing
But you do it all the same
You guessed, I'm impressed

It's all a mistake
And the clock keeps ticking away
Every moment that I waste
It's all a mistake

The sun came up with a grudge against the puddles in the yard
As we trudge with certainty towards the car
And look up in the mirror to see the wreckage that we are
The office awaits, and you never can afford to let it down
And the pressure in your head begins to mount
As we're caught out by the traffic on our way across the town

It's all a mistake
And these people keep chipping away at me
And I don't have what it takes
It's all a mistake.