Endless Mike - Happy New Year lyrics

Sitting on the front step
Thinking about the reasons why
I didn't think to try and fight you harder
But what's it worth to you?
And what's left for me to do?
It's two minutes until midnight
I'll see you next year
A cheer goes up
So high it touches planes
But my head is an air wreck
Falling from the clouds
A deep breath
A heavy-hearted sigh
That you'll never notice
How much you don't notice
Everything we had is all gone
And it's never coming back
Everything I've said
Everything I've done
Was for nothing
Holidays are the hardest
And I think I've sunk the lowest
And I've never needed you more than this
But you'll never know it
I guess I let you down
I'll see you around
But not if you see me first
Then I won't see you at all