Ender - All Their Charity lyrics

And she said, "God, you know I love you so much
How could you let this happen?
What did that boy say to you?
Did he say he cared?
Well even if he says he does, believe me he will leave you
And if you need to lie I'll do that for you."

Take your sleep with a glass of water
Say goodnight and hope tomorrow will be better
I know you just want to sleep all day and dream the rest of the week away
But when the birds sing to the sun
You need to wake up

We'll take our chances with the wolves

She said, "No, not my little girl
We'll take care of this, angel, no one has to know"
But I don't care for that attitude or the senseless ways you make your points and all the selfish things you do

You need to wake up

You want to get back there before it hurt
Or maybe skip forward into the earth
Well I would do anything I can to make it work
I think it's just that trying to forget only make it worse

Baby it's your heart
Only you know when these feelings start to grow
We're past dreams of letting go
But know that you're not alone

To all the things I've ever hated
Add being underrated
And I can't wait to show how wrong you are