Endeavor - Drug Song lyrics

Waging devestation. Masquerading as justice against those who are truly victims of the installation that politically numbs and nullifies, or other wise entraps a population with repressive legislation. From Humboldt County to Zero Tolerance, an inference can be made: the War on Drugs is a war on us. How can we begin to see the reality when the CIA sells us our dreams in the street? You're not burning rebellion when your melting your mind. You're just a model citizen in their eyes. Too discouraged to see the jaded to even care. Government pushing in, Government cracking down. Cracking down on the very epedemic they helped create to preoccupy the dissatisfied. The situation is very clear. The same pockets are getting filled, the same people are getting jailed. Covert operations never seen or heard by American senses. Funded by the dirty hands of greed... their international drug scheme. Its all for the same cause. Benefiting the same corporations that dare to drug screen for jobs. Reject the CIA, reject their drugs...