End This Day - Lily White And Blood Red lyrics

The blossoms have opened and we transpire, parting the pedals with thick fingers. rising like a swarm of insects from the garden. this is devastation in tune. thousands of bodies with one universal heart beating through the ribcage. these thorns will carve our eyes and these flowers will enshroud our souls. fluttering wings were meant to fly, whispering and conspiring of mental worlds and infinite flights. we part the water of distant seas. we bleed together, stirring red into vast blue skies. a world of good intentions poisoned by your hidden desires, peeling back the layers of flesh that used to have a meaning to us all. you closed your eyes and kissed the flames, floating into the sun with open arms. we watched you burn with hands tied. we salted the earth with our tears and bathed the world with our bleeding hearts. sing your song for the last time. this chorus comes to silent under the weight that we've been left to bear. the smell of smoke still rises from your blackened wings. your broken body hits the ground like an angel repelled from heaven. you crawl back to the flowers from which you came, sleeping beneath the ashes of everything you created