End Of Green - Fallen Angel lyrics

Where are you tonight...
Still you're gone....died in I'm alone, yeah

I'll meet you in your sweet moonlight...I've got a feeling of the other
Side...until I look into a silver sky
And all I see is.....

My fallen, fallen , fallen angel cry...4x
Telling me you cannot come tonight...see your face and its crying eyes...
Cannot run and I cannot hide...all I can see is....
My fallen fallen fallen angel cry...8x
Where are you tonight...still you're gone...died in I'm alone, yeah
No see there was no moon tonight...there will be a dying fading place to run, no place to hide...
All I can see is every day and another day and another day 7-8x
My fallen fallen fallen angel cry 4x
Waiting all alone at night, running to the other side...feeling you're not here tonight, her eyes so innocent...
Killing me with your leaving me...A day and another day and another day 8x
Crying another crying another fallen 8x Crying crying I am fallen 4x
Killing me, killing me yeah