End Of Eden - The Burning Sands lyrics

Rise, he said
Go wake your brothers
No time, no place
Its here and now

This life we live, is full of chaos
And beware of deceivers

We are the chosen ones, embracers of our fate
If we don't act now, it might be too late

What can I do?
What can I say?
Don't follow footsteps
Lead the way

*in my darkness i will not be broken*
Lead me from this fear, remain forever

Take my hand
We'll run till dawn
You seek the truth
Chosen one!!
You belong with them
Now its time
You've freed your mind
Life just begun..

Free'd souls, now march to freedom
Longing to understand
What makes us who we are
What makes me what i am?

Sitting on their thrones
Pulling on your strings
I can finally see

Our fate has answered us
This is what you've become x3?

I will
Never forget the
Truth value

We walk across the burning sands
We battled thru our darkest hour
Our fate always overcome