Empty Vision - In Our Hands lyrics

Could we have known we would end this way
Could we have known we would change
Into what we are today
Can you remember when we used to say
No matter what - we will never change
But look at what we are today
The years went by like hours
And these hours passed by so fast
There were so many incidents
That used to shape us in the past
We can't help what we became
And I'm proud that I can say
That I am not ashamed
Of what I am today
I am not ashamed
The grains of sand are trickling down so fast
In this hour glass
We skid down with every second
Never knowing what will happen
While we waste our time with questions
We waste our time with being afraid
Instead of going our own way
When will we start to live our own lives
And free ourselves of our ties
It's up to us to take every chance
Could we have known that it's all in our hands