Emo Side Project - What? lyrics

sitting in my living room
trying to get the nerve to pick up the phone
and call you and say "hello"
and tell what you are to me
and say "without you i'm nothing"
and "i want you to be your boyfriend"

but what about that other guy
what if you say no i might die
but if you say yes i will too
you mean this much to me
you taught me how to count to three
and i can't live without you

didn't call yesterday
but today's a brand-new day
and my shirt says i am cool
and my shoes are wearing thin
i hope this soon all will end
what's your number again?

looking through the past
to find out if it well last
i know i love you
and i can count on you
and you can count on me to believe in you
so when i ask you out today
just to see what you will say
i hope you say yes i really do

well today's a new day
the streets are filled with rain
and still all i want is you