Emo Side Project - Curl Up And Die lyrics

don't know what to do now that i lost you
can't hardly breathe, cant get any sleep
feeling like this is the worst i've ever felt

use to sing songs that make me smile
now all they do is make me cry
use to love the blue in your eyes but now its turning black
i remember holding hands in the sun
and now you're gone
all i wanna do is be with you right now

this is a mess or another test
don't break my heart
i've tried so hard to make you happy
so what have you done to me
treat me like this, this is it

and now i'll pray to god
i'll ask him, could i survive?
i think i'll live through these nights
where i have cried
and written songs for you cried these tears for you
but now im through with them, and through with you