Emmylou Harris - Me And Willie lyrics

Me and Willie played in a country band
Seven long years together playing those one night stands
Used to say the booze and bars is going to wear him out
Hold On, a song he wrote tear your heart right out

Verse 2(Same chords as above)
We traveled the northern route and from the Greate Lakes to Monreal
Hitting all the honkytonks, I bet we played them all
Willie played to ease his soul and drank to ease his mind
I never understood how he played it so good while drinking himseld half blind. And you


wouldn't think a man so weak could be so
strong Take a crowd of rowdy drunks and
hush them with a song. And I'd
rather be singing my heart out in a dark and
dingy bar. Hitting those high notes with
Willie's sad guitar. And I'd
rather be singing a blues song singing sweet
and high Willie standing right by my side
playing country slide.

Verse 3
ME and Willie watched a lot of dreams die young.
Plans we made how quick they fade, fumbling one by one.
Willie never let it bother him and if he did, it didn't show.
You know he had a way of letting go amking the blue times old. And you

(use chords from 'break')
wouldn't think a man so weak, could be so strong.
Take th eblues right out of you and put them in a song.
I'd rather be singing....etc.

Verse 4
I left Willie in a bar in Marietta
Couldn't stand to watch the man I love drink himself to death.
Now I'm working in Ottawa and I'm doing well I guess.
You know the good life don't look so good from behind a desk. And I'd

rather be singing....etc