Emmah Toris - We're Happening lyrics (Chinese translation). | I was waiting - in tune - to reunite
, So consumed by all words and the ride 
, Did not know how it...
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Emmah Toris - We're Happening (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: I was waiting - in tune - to reunite
ZH: 我等待 — — 调-团聚

EN: So consumed by all words and the ride
ZH: 这样消耗的所有单词以及乘坐的

EN: Did not know how it turned out to be
ZH: 不知道如何它原来是

EN: That in years, I'd put summer aside.
ZH: 在年中,我会放在夏天一边。

ZH: [合唱]

EN: We're happening, we're happening with caution
ZH: 我们发生了,我们谨慎的发生

EN: And once you asked of me to bring the sun rays
ZH: 一旦你问我,使太阳光线

EN: And I have given you the sea and sand
ZH: 我已经给你海洋和沙滩

EN: But then, I just forgot myself, far, in a boats' maze
ZH: 但然后,我只是忘了我自己,到目前为止,在小船的迷宫

EN: I was waiting for those ways to return
ZH: 我在等待那些返回的方法

EN: In a dance without steps, without faces
ZH: 在舞蹈不无脸的步骤

EN: I don't laugh, I don't cry, I'm not guilty
ZH: 我不笑,我不会哭,我不是有罪

EN: When you awe and you call for embraces.
ZH: 当你震撼和你呼吁拥抱。

EN: I forgot, you forgave, but today -
ZH: 我忘了,你原谅了,但今天-

EN: No mistakes, not to cry anymore
ZH: 没有错误,不能再哭

EN: Hours passed and this seizure will bring
ZH: 小时传递和此扣押将带来

EN: Side by side, two of us, as before.
ZH: 并排,我们两个人,作为之前。