Eminem - Talkin' To Myself (feat. Kobe) lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Intro]
, Ayo Before I start this song man
, I just want to thank everybody for being so patient
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Eminem - Talkin' To Myself (feat. Kobe) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Intro]
ZH: [介绍]

EN: Ayo Before I start this song man
ZH: 青年再开始这首歌的人

EN: I just want to thank everybody for being so patient
ZH: 我只是想谢谢大家都是那么有耐心

EN: And baring with me over these last couple of years
ZH: 和这些过去几年来和我一起谈心

EN: While I figure this shit out
ZH: 虽然搞清楚

EN: [Chorus - Kobe]
ZH: [合唱-神户]

EN: Is anybody out there?
ZH: 外面是谁吗?

EN: It feels like I’m talkin to myself
ZH: 感觉就像我对自己说话

EN: No one seems to know my struggle
ZH: 似乎没有人知道我的斗争

EN: And everything I come from
ZH: 从来的一切

EN: Can anybody hear me?
ZH: 任何人都能听见我吗?

EN: It guess I keep talkin to myself
ZH: 它猜我一直对自己说话

EN: It feels like I’m going insane
ZH: 感觉就像我要疯了

EN: Am I the one whose crazy?
ZH: 我一个其疯了吗?

EN: Yeayah
ZH: Yeayah

EN: Woah wah
ZH: 哇华

EN: Woah wah (oh oh oh oh oh)
ZH: 哇华 (哦哦哦哦哦)

EN: Woah wah
ZH: 哇华

EN: Woah wah (oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh)
ZH: 哇华 (哦哦哦哦哦哦哦哦)

EN: [Bridge - Eminem]
ZH: [桥-阿姆]

EN: So why in the world do I feel so alone
ZH: 那么为什么在世界我感到如此的孤独

EN: Nobody but me, I’m on my own
ZH: 除了我没人,我是我自己

EN: Is there anyone out there
ZH: 有没有人在那里

EN: Who feels the way I feel
ZH: 谁的感觉我的感受

EN: That there is then let me in and let me know I’m not the only one(?)
ZH: 是然后让我进去,让我知道我不是唯一 one(?)

EN: [Eminem]
ZH: [阿姆]

EN: I went away I guess to open up some lanes
ZH: 走,我猜,开放一些行车线

EN: But there was no one who even knew what I was going through
ZH: 但当时没有人知道所经历的人

EN: Hatred was flowing through my veins
ZH: 仇恨流过我的静脉

EN: On the verge of going insane
ZH: 会疯狂的边缘

EN: I almost made a song dissin Lil Wayne
ZH: 我几乎做了一首歌 dissin Lil 韦恩

EN: It’s like I was jealous of him cause the attention he was gettin’
ZH: 就像我是嫉妒他导致他得的注意 '

EN: I felt horrible about myself
ZH: 我感觉糟糕透

EN: He was spittin and I wasn’t
ZH: 他是爱和我不是

EN: Anyone who was buzzin back then coulda got it
ZH: 任何人是 buzzin 那有可能是

EN: Almost went at Kanye too
ZH: 差点在 Kanye 太

EN: God it feels like I’m goin’ psychotic
ZH: 感觉就像我去精神病人的神

EN: Thank god that I didn’t do it
ZH: 感谢上帝不是

EN: I would of had my ass handed to me
ZH: 本来我交给我的屁股

EN: And I knew it but proof wasn’t here to see me through it
ZH: 我就知道,但证明不是通过它来了解我

EN: I’m in the booth poppin another pill tryna talk myself into it
ZH: 我在展位 poppin 面对另一丸阿隆说服我自己

EN: Are you stupid? You gon’ start dissin people for no reason?
ZH: 你们傻了吗?你会抓 ' 开始侮辱损害人们没有理由吗?

EN: Especially when you can’t even write a decent punchline even
ZH: 尤其是当你甚至写不体面的警句甚至

EN: You’re lying to yourself, you’re slowly dying, you’re denying
ZH: 你骗自己,慢慢地,你要死你否认

EN: Your health is declinging with your self esteem, you’re crying out for help
ZH: 您的健康 declinging 与你的自尊,你在哭的帮助

EN: [Chorus - Kobe]
ZH: [合唱-神户]

EN: [Bridge - Eminem]
ZH: [桥-阿姆]

EN: [Eminem]
ZH: [阿姆]

EN: Marshall you’re no longer the man, that’s a bit of a pill to swallow
ZH: 马歇尔你就不再是药丸的人,是药丸的有点吞下

EN: All I know is some wallowin(?), self-loathing and hollow
ZH: 我只知道是一些 wallowin(?)、 自我厌恶和空心

EN: Bottoms up of pill bottle maybe I’ll hit my bottom tomorrow
ZH: 把酒给干了丸的瓶子也许明天就会我谷底

EN: But I must be talkin to the wall though
ZH: 但我必须虽然说话到墙上

EN: I don’t see nobody else ( I guess I keep talkin to myself)
ZH: 看不到其他人 (我猜我保持自己的传说)

EN: But all these other rappers suck is all that I know
ZH: 但所有这些其他说唱吸是我知道的

EN: I’ve turned into a hater, I’ve put up a false mavado(?)
ZH: 变成是怀恨在心,我已经看到了虚假的 mavado(?)

EN: But Marshall is not a egomaniac that’s not his motto
ZH: 但马歇尔不是自大狂,不是他的座右铭

EN: HE’s not a desperado he’s desperate it’s startin to bottle inside em
ZH: 他不是他是亡命之徒它是姿色瓶里面 em 绝望

EN: One foot on the brake one on the throttle
ZH: 一脚踩刹车一踩油门

EN: Fallin asleep with writers block in the parking lot of mcdonalds
ZH: 入迷与作家块在停车场的麦当劳睡着了

EN: But instead of feeling sorry for yourself do something about it
ZH: 而不会感觉对不起自己做些什么,但

EN: Admit you got a problem you brain is clouded you pouted long enough
ZH: 承认你有你的大脑蒙蔽你嘟起足够长的时间问题

EN: It isn’t them it’s you you fuckin baby
ZH: 这不是他们就是你你他妈的宝贝

EN: Quit worrying about what they do and do fuckin shady
ZH: 别再担心他们做什么,做什么他妈的阴暗

EN: I’m fucking going crazy
ZH: 我他妈的疯了

EN: [Chorus - Kobe]
ZH: [合唱-神户]

EN: [Bridge - Eminem]
ZH: [桥-阿姆]

EN: [Eminem]
ZH: [阿姆]

EN: So I pick up myself off the ground and fuckin slam before I drown
ZH: 所以我去接我自己离地面和他妈的大满贯之前我淹死

EN: Hit my bottom so hard I bounce twice suffice this time around
ZH: 打我屁股这么难我两次反弹在这次已足够

EN: It’s different them last two albums didn’t count
ZH: 没想到它的不同他们最后两张专辑

EN: Encore I was on drugs, Relapse I was flushing em out
ZH: 再来一次我是药品,复发 em 疏通

EN: I’ve come up to make it up to you no more fucking around
ZH: 我想出了以补偿你他妈的没有更多的

EN: I’ve got something to prove to fans I feel like I let em down
ZH: 有事要向球迷们感觉就像放下了 em 证明

EN: So please accept my apology I finally feel like I’m back to normal
ZH: 所以,请接受我的道歉我终于觉得我回到正常状态

EN: Let me formally reintroduce myself to you for those of you who don’t know
ZH: 让我再次正式介绍自己对你的那些人不知道

EN: The new mes back to the old me and homie I don’t show no
ZH: 新 mes 回老家,我和兄弟我不显示没有

EN: Signs of slowin up, pullin up, blowin up, all over no mo
ZH: 清淡,悄悄,凛冽起来,都没有 mo 的迹象

EN: My life is no longer a movie but the shows aint over homos
ZH: 我的生活不再是一部电影,但显示不是对同性恋

EN: I’m back with a vengeance homie weezy keep ya head up
ZH: 我又回到了你头上的复仇兄弟 weezy 保持

EN: TI keep ya head up, Kanye keep ya head up
ZH: TI 保持震遐头抬起来坎耶 · 雅头了

EN: Don’t let up, keep slayin em
ZH: 别让上来,保持 slayin em

EN: Rest in Peace to DJ AM
ZH: DJ AM 到安息

EN: Cause I know what it’s like
ZH: 因为我知道是什么感觉

EN: I struggle with this shit every single day
ZH: 挣扎这东西每一天

EN: [Chorus - Kobe]
ZH: [合唱-神户]

EN: [Bridge - Eminem]
ZH: [桥-阿姆]

EN: [End]
ZH: [完]