Eminem - Session One (feat. Slaughterhouse) lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Eminem]
, Ladies and gentlemen make some noise
, aww shit
, yeah
, y’all ready to get this shit...
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Eminem - Session One (feat. Slaughterhouse) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Eminem]
ZH: [阿姆]

EN: Ladies and gentlemen make some noise
ZH: 女士们先生们制造一些噪音

EN: aww shit
ZH: aw 狗屎

EN: yeah
ZH: 是

EN: y’all ready to get this shit started or what
ZH: 你们都准备好开始这东西或什么

EN: well I brought some friends with me too
ZH: 很好我带了一些朋友跟我太

EN: Now I ain’t back just for the sake of just saying I’m back
ZH: 现在我还没回来只是为了只是想说我回来了

EN: I could relax but I’d rather stack ammo on tracks
ZH: 我能放松,但我宁可将堆栈在轨道上的弹药

EN: couple Xanax light a couple wax candles then black out
ZH: 夫妇的 Xanax 光几个蜡蜡烛然后黑了

EN: and relapse til I yack Jack Daniels and yap, burp bubbles
ZH: 和复发直到我 yack 杰克丹尼尔斯和 yap,饱嗝气泡

EN: attitudes immaturing, double shot of bacardi party
ZH: 双枪的百加得方态度 immaturing

EN: vision is blurring, waa hooo I can’t see shit
ZH: 视觉模糊,也看不见 waa hooo

EN: my words get to slurring
ZH: 我的言语去讲不清

EN: uh oh, you can call me R Kelly now or your in trouble
ZH: 呃哦,你可以叫我 R 凯利现在或您的麻烦

EN: whats incurring before after enduring the show
ZH: 什么招致之前在忍受演出后

EN: has no baring on the bad news I’m baring
ZH: 有没有露出对我我露出的坏消息

EN: whoa what is it word play
ZH: 哇是什么文字游戏

EN: no I’m pushing you out the dumps
ZH: 我不是要推动你出转储

EN: so suck my dick on the couch if you wanna cushion the blow
ZH: 所以给我口交在沙发上,如果你想要缓冲

EN: then stomp your fucking feet till you get to squishing a hoe
ZH: 然后踩你他妈的脚直到你到挤压一把锄头

EN: its panda-monium (?) when you see him, damn
ZH: 其熊猫 monium (?) 当你见到他,该死

EN: baby you look good you’re giving me wood
ZH: 你看起来好你给我木头的宝宝

EN: you should pull over like a sweat shirt with a hood
ZH: 你应该像带帽绒衣靠边

EN: (?) you and me both
ZH: (?)你和我

EN: break bread while I’m copping over this game
ZH: 打破面包,虽然我这场比赛挨批

EN: now pinch a loaf now homie who’s your favourite pain in the ass
ZH: 现在捏面包现在兄弟是你最喜爱的痛苦的屁股

EN: who claims to be spitting the same flames as me
ZH: 声称随地吐痰的相同火焰作为我

EN: I’m Kanye when he crashed
ZH: 我是 Kanye 当他撞坏了

EN: in otherwords I got the hood on smash
ZH: 这就是说我引擎盖上粉碎

EN: like I stepped on the gas destroyed the front end
ZH: 如同踩上气体被毁坏的前端

EN: deployed the damn airbags from the dash
ZH: 部署的冲撞该死气袋

EN: went through ‘em and laughed
ZH: 通过他们去了,笑了

EN: came back an hour after the accident and bit
ZH: 事故发生后的一小时回来和位

EN: a god-damn jaw-breaker in half
ZH: 该死的下巴断路器在一半

EN: so stop (?) the funk and start shaking ya ass
ZH: 所以停止 (?) 阿红和启动抖震遐的屁股

EN: slaughterhouse in the house with the caucasion rapping
ZH: 在房子与 caucasion 说唱屠房

EN: Just Blaze on the track
ZH: 只是在赛道上的火焰

EN: what the fuck is more amazing than that slut
ZH: 什么是比那荡妇更令人惊叹

EN: answer me that, Royce where you at?
ZH: 回答我,罗伊斯在你在吗?

ZH: [劳斯莱斯]

EN: I’m right here Fire Marshall, verbal pair of pliers
ZH: 我就在这里火马歇尔,口头对的钳子

EN: are prying you apart(?), lump on your head designed by a bar-stool
ZH: 窥探你 apart(?),由酒吧凳设计你头上的肿块

EN: Designed by a cartoon, before I need to be hired
ZH: 设计制作一幅漫画之前我需要雇用

EN: Jimmy ‘Io fire Marshall
ZH: 吉米 ' Io 消防马歇尔

EN: The 9 tucked against the lining
ZH: 藏对衬砌 9

EN: I pull it out and flip your partner upside-down like ya’ll are a couple 69ing
ZH: 我拔出来翻转你的搭档颠倒像雅会是几个 69ing

EN: It’s like Rick James is shooting up your house, nigga….fuck your couch nigga!
ZH: 就像瑞克 · 詹姆斯拍摄您的房子,黑鬼...操你沙发黑鬼 !

EN: You screaming ‘fuck the world’ with your middle finger up
ZH: 你尖叫 '操世界' 用手指中间向上

EN: While I’m over here shoving my dick in a hole in the mud
ZH: 虽然我在这里在泥里的一个洞中推搡我的小弟弟

EN: My bitch, know I’m perfectly fit for murder
ZH: 我的婊子,知道我完全适合谋杀

EN: Because I murdered her, so you can call me Nickel the OJ the Glove
ZH: 因为我杀了她,所以你可以叫我镍 OJ 手套

EN: I got a Posse of Insane Clowns; blow your brains on your opposite ear
ZH: 我有疯狂小丑波塞的 ;把你脑浆你对面的耳朵上

EN: Then ask you how your brain sounds
ZH: 然后问你你的大脑的听起来

EN: Bad, evil, weirdo, Alfred (?), mad cerebral, you on your last burrito!
ZH: 坏,邪恶,古怪,阿尔弗雷德 (?),疯狂的脑,你对你最后的墨西哥卷饼 !

EN: (What that mean Nickel?)
ZH: (什么意思镍?)

EN: It’s a rap if you eating, get a beat then terrorize that bitch like I’m Middle Eastern
ZH: 如果你吃的时候,被打,然后恐吓那个贱人,好像我是中东是 rap

EN: Slaughterhouse on fire, nobody touching that
ZH: 屠房着火,没人碰那个

EN: Good day and good night, Ortiz where the fuck you at?
ZH: 美好的一天,晚安,奥尔蒂斯 · 凡他妈的你在吗?

ZH: [乔尔 · 奥尔蒂斯]

EN: I’m right here; my Nike Airs buzz light-years ahead of my mic peers
ZH: 我就在这里 ;我耐克宣扬 buzz 之前我 mic 同行光年

EN: Quite scary to look at, a nightmare, where my book at I’ll write fear-
ZH: 很可怕,看看,噩梦,哪里会写我的书在我恐惧-

EN: In the heart of you tight squares, I harbour the art of you nice ________
ZH: 在你紧正方形的心脏,我海港你漂亮 ___ 的艺术

EN: It’s ______________ cuz that made me hotter than my dear
ZH: 它的 ___ 因为那使我比我亲爱的热

EN: Uncle Al’s breath after polishing off his 9th beer
ZH: 关闭他第 9 次啤酒抛光后叔叔 Al 呼吸

EN: Homie chill listen, I swear, I’m God; I give tracks a holy feel (Holyfield)
ZH: 兄弟冷静听着,我发誓,我是神。我给跟踪一种神圣的感觉 (霍利菲尔德)

EN: And they bite ears
ZH: 他们咬耳朵

EN: I’m right here, why wouldn’t I be, just waiting to be hooked to IV’s-
ZH: 我就在这里,为什么不会我,只等着至四的迷-

EN: __________ brown when you look at my pee
ZH: ___ 当你看着我的尿棕色

EN: And this joint, no exception, so just point a direction, and record the pig’s oink-
ZH: 这个关节不例外,所以只是指向一个方向,并记录在猪的 oink-

EN: When I rip his intestines
ZH: 当我把他的肠子

EN: This isn’t just an infection; this won’t go away with penicillin injections-
ZH: 这不只是一种感染 ;这不会消失与青霉素注射剂-

EN: Millions of questions arose after they did an inspection
ZH: 他们做了检查后,由于出现数以百万计的问题

EN: What I exhibit, seems to be non-contagious yet anybody can get it
ZH: 我所陈列的似乎非传染性,但别人就可以帮

EN: aww shit I did it again, when I lit with this pen, I admitted this phlegm-
ZH: aw 狗屎我做到了再,当我点亮这支钢笔,我承认这痰-

EN: This time along side Em and the Em
ZH: 这次沿边 Em 和 Em

EN: So tell a friend to tell a friend, write a disgusting hook
ZH: 所以告诉一位朋友告诉一位朋友,写的令人恶心的钩

EN: Jump in shark water and swim, yo where the fuck is Crook?
ZH: 跳在鲨鱼水和游泳,哟哪里他妈的是骗子吗?

ZH: [第一歪]

EN: I’m right here letting the shotty pop
ZH: 我就在这里让流行短枪

EN: Quick as a karate chop, get your body shot, get your top chopped like a lollipop
ZH: 空手道印章,作为快速拿枪,你的身体把你剁成一根棒棒糖的顶部

EN: Come with Maserati drop, in the body shot
ZH: 玛莎拉蒂下降,在射击的身体来

EN: Get your mommy knocked, and your Uncle Tommy molli-wopped
ZH: 给撞了,你妈妈和你叔叔汤米 molli wopped

EN: I take your life to the 9th inning
ZH: 第九局你的生命去

EN: A knife in a gunfight I love it me and my knife winning
ZH: 一把刀在枪战中我爱它我及我的刀获胜

EN: I laugh when you fall the shit will be funny
ZH: 我笑你掉东西的时候会很有趣

EN: I buy my bitch a new ass and watch her sit on my money
ZH: 我买我的婊子新屁股和手表她坐在我的钱上

EN: lyrics courtesy of killer hip hop dot com
ZH: 由杀手嘻哈点 com 提供歌词

EN: Man all the bitches holla, they wanna drop my bridges than jaw my dick and swallow
ZH: 男人所有的母狗一声不响,他们想要放弃我的桥梁比下巴我迪克和燕子

EN: Leave drawers in this Impala, I ball like Iguodala,
ZH: 离开抽屉在这黑斑羚,我球像 Iguodala,

EN: I bear more arms than 6 koalas; as soon as a I draw get sent to _________________
ZH: 我承担更多的武器比 6 考拉 ;只要我画送到 ___

EN: I kill with the tongue, I’m Atilla the Hun, I’m Genghis Khan, I’m a genius spawn
ZH: 我用舌头杀了,我阿提拉匈奴,我是成吉思汗,我是天才产卵

EN: I pillage your village for fun, ____________________, a syllable gun
ZH: 我掠夺你的乐趣、 ___、 音节枪的村庄

EN: Real as they come, Long Beach _________!
ZH: 真正作为他们来长滩 ___ !

EN: Slaughterhouse equals swine flu, ___________________ try to do without trying
ZH: 屠房等于猪流感,___ 尝试不用试

EN: Cuz to us it’s so easy, where, Jump-off Joe Beezy?
ZH: 因为我们对它有那么容易,在哪里,送乔 Beezy 吗?

EN: [End]
ZH: [完]