Eminem - Echo (Snippet) lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Chorus]
, Oh, all around the World,
, there's an echo
, as he takes a bow
, And they all know all...
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Eminem - Echo (Snippet) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [大合唱]

EN: Oh, all around the World,
ZH: 哦,世界各地

EN: there's an echo
ZH: 有回声

EN: as he takes a bow
ZH: 随着他的弓

EN: And they all know all the girls, the boys
ZH: 他们都知道所有的女孩,男孩

EN: they chase the noise
ZH: 他们追逐噪音

EN: through the highs and through the lows
ZH: 通过高点和低点

EN: they will follow the echo, echo, echo, echo
ZH: 他们将遵循回声、 回声、 回声、 回声

EN: they will follow the echo, echo, echo, echo
ZH: 他们将遵循回声、 回声、 回声、 回声

EN: [Eminem]
ZH: [阿姆]

EN: I can hear them calling, calling, calling, calling, calling
ZH: 我能听见他们电话,打电话,电话、 电话、 电话

EN: I eat rappers with the rhyme, consume 'em
ZH: 我吃的韵律与说唱、 消耗扑克

EN: the only fucking thing that you consume is time
ZH: 他妈的唯一你使用的是时间

EN: I'm super human, my world is like a Rubiks cube
ZH: 我是超人类,我的世界就像鲁比克斯的多维数据集

EN: its too complex girl, you assuming, cupids looming
ZH: 其女孩子太复杂,你假设,爱神临近

EN: my mentality's caveman stupid woman
ZH: 我的心态 caveman 傻女人

EN: my life is Truman show, all I have is music hoe
ZH: 我的生活是杜鲁门放映,我有的只是音乐锄头

EN: I stopped chasing every chick under the sun many moons ago
ZH: 我停下来追逐每个鸡很久以前在阳光下

EN: so pretend my dick is a balloon and blow
ZH: 所以假装我迪克是气球和打击

EN: cause you better put a fork in it if you think I'mma lay here just spooning yo
ZH: 使您更好地把叉子放进去,如果你认为接受躺在这里只是中舀到哟

EN: oh you think you the shit 'cause I just said you was beautiful
ZH: 你以为你屎因为我刚才说过,你很漂亮

EN: diabolical, till the last molecule, down to my last hair folicle and cuticle
ZH: 恶魔般,直到最后一个分子,到我的最后一个头发皮肤毛囊和角质层

EN: rotten to the core, to the bunghole all the way down...
ZH: 腐烂的核心,拧到一路下跌...

EN: to my sock and the hair on my toe
ZH: 我的袜子和脚上的毛

EN: ever since i was thirteen i learn how to sew, so shut my own booty hole
ZH: 自从我是十三我学习如何缝,所以关闭我自己的战利品孔

EN: cause I ain't took no sh-t since I looked down to my nuts and saw my first pubic grow
ZH: 因为我是花了没有 sh-t,因为我看不到我的坚果,看见我第一次公共成长

EN: I told these stupid hoes when I come back I'mma set this bitch on fire
ZH: 我告诉这些愚蠢锄头当我回来的时候把这个婊子放火

EN: and this time I dont mean Imma pour gasoline on some chick and light her
ZH: 这次我不意味着一些小鸡风雨浇汽油并点燃她

EN: cause this time when i fuck this world I'm put my whole God-damn dick inside her
ZH: 因为这个世界,我想把我整个该死的当我操这次她心中迪克

EN: I ain't even put my tip in that hoe yet
ZH: 我不是甚至我的提示中,锄头还贴

EN: I'ma go get TIP and try to rip it wider
ZH: 我要去得到提示,然后尝试翻录它更广泛