Emily Wells - Symphony 9 & The Sunshine lyrics

Woke up in the mornin' and I rung the bell, it's a long way across a wishing
well. Throw my pennies in one by one. They come up shinin' like it's just begun.
They come up wishin' on the light of the sun. They come up knowin' that I got no
gun, well, I'd fire off a round if I had it in me, but I know someday'll be a
sunshine memory…. Walkin' around in a kindergarten haze. Oh my, what a happy
game. Tell 'um that you love 'um till the end of your days. Tell 'um that you
need 'um in a bad way. Oh how happy is the look on your face, when you know
somebody and you want 'um to stay. Memory is an old highway. If you drive too
long you might lose your way…. Sunshine. Never had it so good, in my childhood.
(Bright Sunday mornin')