Emilio Rojas - Whisper (2012)

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Emilio Rojas - Whisper lyrics

[Emilio Rojas]
Blood, sweat and tears is where it begins
The blood'll feed the leeches, tears washing the sins
And the sweat is separating all the boys and the men
Just take a look at all the work I put in
They bury me in a safe in a front lawn next to gold bullion
So when I'm saying bricks, that's the shit that I'm on
I been on two world tours and that's before I got on
So how you telling me I'm doing this wrong?
So long to them broke days and no insurance and no co-pay
Used to blow haze and she upgraded to cocaine
She going both ways like she don't got a preference
She don't like bitches, she just do it for acceptance
She don't like sniffing, she just do it for attention
But she love shopping if she ruining your credit
I'm addicted to pussy, they should do an intervention
But if the council defying, then I be a ruing and abetting
These women wishing they the one that I'mma let in
But I ain't know if I'm better at loving 'em or forgetting, which one?
Ain't no regretting, I'll go to Heaven and hold my head
And even if they said that I won't get let in, I'm gon' accept it
I made my bed and I sleep with in it with a loaded weapon
You got faith and you got forgiveness, yeah
'Cause I'm waking up, wondering how I gotten in this
But this is not a persona homie, it's how I'm living
Yeah, I ain't hit 'em and he turned snitch, you'll hear the chit
But when I'm there, he turn bitch, I had a warrant
I went to court and it'd adjourn quick 'cause I told the judge when I got out
That I'mma hurt him and it'd be worth it, every single day in jail
My dudes'll rob your ass and use your cash to pay they bail
When you were told your whole life and every wait and fail
You thick skin, crucify me, I'mma break the nails
I'mma change my path, yeah I'll be different
I ain't gonna break or crack nut, I'mma get it
I might even stop calling these bitches bitches
Bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, I hope it's out of my system
Man, I be bringing my fam out of them prisons
And pay for my mama house and erase the debt of my sister
And I'mma stare in the face of death and then kiss it
Cats are loud talking, the truth is spoke in a whisper