Emilio Rojas - Mind Playing Tricks On Me (2015)

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Emilio Rojas - Mind Playing Tricks On Me lyrics

[Emilio Rojas]
We don’t wanna fight forever, yeah, I wanna fight forever
So tired of this bullshit, tired of the drama
We just want life together
I ain’t wanna fight forever, yeah, I don’t wanna fight forever
So tired of the lies, tired of the bullshit
Want a good life together
And now that I can’t sleep, I’m tossin’ and turnin’
And Americans is god fearin’, live where crosses is burnin’
Then the fire light the sky, we’re dyin’ in the Chi
They still killin’ for color but the riots have subsided, right?
I speak for all of us, it’s more than black and brown
They give ‘em pats on the back each time they pat us down
We gettin’ angry online so we could act profound
Then a week pass and we off it, we let ‘em back us down
Because we rather tweet about it than go be about it
Fake outrage in the media so we see their outlets
Anything to get a couple of clicks
Old news though ‘cause Bruce Jenner cut off his dick
I’m sayin’, they bad actors, the system is fucked, right?
Hillary Clinton, more like Hilary Duff
‘Cause she just play a role on the screen that she could sell to us
Where they makin’ money off drugs and takin’ health from us
So everyone dyin’, we all diseases
Pills for everything, for stayin’ up and for sleep
We treat the side effects of the one that’s what you need
But we fightin’ just to legalize weed, the fuck you mean, huh?
The world we live in, TV raisin’ our children
Everyone apathetic, we barely care when they kill us
I’m walkin’ through the heights, they harassin’ us where we chillin’
‘Cause they wanna move us out of our buildings
I’m feelin’ depressed, wakin’ up, my heart as still as my breath
Like fuck being civil, we need civil unrest, right?
What’s a reward if everything is a test?
This just some shit I had to get off my chest
I try to tell ‘em like bah…