Emilio Rojas - Champion (2011)

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Emilio Rojas - Champion lyrics

If you ain't workin' hard you're bound to lose. Ain't no losers overhere though.
Green Lantern drop that shit.

[Chorus] [Voodoo] [Laura Reed]
We are champion, we are champion
We are gonna get even they say it can't be done
[You give me something to believe in
You give me something to believe in]

[Verse One] [Emilio Rojas]:
Yo, what's the point of livin' if it isn't my way?
My city knew I was driven as soon as I hit the highway
Yo fuck a dead end job because they do not pay
Moday I"ll be spendin' that money I'm due Friday
Another cash advance so my phone will stay on
They talkin' with a fuckin' dead man like it's a seance
Homie, I'm all the way gone
? my daddy's paid off and I made off with that paper like I'm Madoff
Yeah, and I'm gettin' nausious when they call me in that office
Cause the jobs that I was workin' I was smarter than my bosses