Elzhi - Halftime (2011)

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Elzhi - Halftime lyrics

Check me out, yow!
Is Elzhi in your area!
About to back slap and berry you!
Check! now let me show you how I play,
Leave niggers in the basement,….
Cheat trickier than the….
Everything I’ll drop or I’ll cut you like a chop song,
You should stop like when a cop …before we pop you.
You get your foot crush, acting out of source and don’t support us
You must snort dust, riding the short bus.
Cause all my animal ….stressed out on the menu,
Pull out, swinging the medal, like mechanical.
Movement, as soon as the groove …
I’ll prove that you need improvements.
Since I’m so smoothing whenever I maneuver,
And I ain’t bragging, player!
You get your spot ….
You show me right, used to show me light,
Because the phobia type.
I wouldn’t sleep on a snowy night, I’m vexed now,
Who …simple minded with a complex.
My …the cameras, I keep promoting,
Scratching their name out in terror, they ban us.
Will our rights and …the boss buried
And the song is about strong as barbarous,
For I’m scared than the omen,
Chicks give me dough in my home,
While I’m sitting spitting…
Is for real, I’m a very rap addict,
…air tub, compared to asthmatic.
Yeah, it’s like that! You know is like that!
I’m who you’re in and the haters wanna strike at!
Don’t make me … to your porch with a spike back,
And leave you front …on your bike flag.
Defeat kill the leaches, …you think you’re sweet ‘till I cut you off
And leave you in the cold, like you haven’t paid your heater bill.
Fuck your squad, I think …
For real!
It’s half time!
It’s half time!
It’s half time!
It’s half time!