Elysian Fields - Until The Night Cries Rise In Your Heart lyrics

Burn the sky for me
And I'll seal the folds of your sighs

I'll inhale the embers of my pyre
When the stars will culminate
I am now provoking the fire
On dark the shadow I create

I sat at the edge of my sight
And looked over the sea of thine
You dwelled into my eve
Your caress sung to my desire

How bitter that autumn night
Angels (still) weep for
My feeble existence
Dreamt of leaves
Falling from my arms
A poet's vision... a broken glass

Breathless now and anxious
Of desires full of hate
Thus I seek the ocean's soul
In my era I had claimed
My demons' shameful fantasies
(Thy) triumphant sun is slave

Engraved in the dusk's eclipse
The scented roses die
Seduction... oh the primal aim
As if in nature's tasks
Some words are spoken when in love
The night cries in your heart