Elvis Costello - The Judgement lyrics

The accused will rise to be torn in two
Guilty of nothing but loving you
his is the judgement
And I'm willing to plead

How you don't want me
Hoping this torment will cease
Will I be released?
There'll be lies, there'll be tears
A jury of your peers
Hand down the judgement
With a pitiful lack of experience
And if I done wrong
And loved you too long
Stand up and just testify

How can I deny?
Objection overruled
with the trust of the deceived
I wait for my reprieve
The wisdom of the fool
It's his sorrowful face
Too heavy for his head
Cos he bowed it as something come over him
It was the judgement
He falls to his knees
Have mercy on me
He clings to the hem of her gown
She says, "Just take him down."