Ellis - Original Manz (2014)

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Ellis - Original Manz lyrics

Judge: Do you have any idea how much of a burden you are to the tax payer?
Man: Yes
Judge:Yes, Your Honor
Man: Yes, Your Honor
Judge: Because of his excellent academic record, I'm going to give him life sentence this time
If I ever see your son in court again
I am going to lock him up and throw away the key
And I'm going to lock you up with him

[Verse 1: Ellis]
The medicine man is back
Charged for being born black
A victim of class has nothing to do with etiquette
Deprived of cash is systematically done, where I'm from
The youth think it's cool to be dumb
The same song sung
In the court room, another brother hung
A few hours after the rise of the sun
My momma got a drug dealer for a son
It's breakin' her heart
I might depart from this life by a gun or a knife
Forced to use mine lookin' at life
I got the same advice from my pops as pop got from Mike Tys'
Do something righteous with your life
So I move crowds with mic's
Seduce dykes to rock my mic'
You get it? Forget it. I live it
It's nothing to spit it vivid
I speak the universal language
Articulatin' pain and anguish
Takin' being felt over bein' famous
Black heart, my sleeve stainless

It's elementary, they want us all gone eventually [x3]

[Verse 2: Ellis]
Deja-vu make me feel like my soul time-travellin'
Backwoods unravellin'
Mind soar' like a javelin
While being pleased by Jacquelin
My reality, you're imaginin'
I'm royalty, 'bleed the blood of an African
Or an ultra-masculine
My roots, I can't mask 'em
In my past life, I played jazz in the Tribe of Shabazz
Taught titans the art of war when they clash
To the tat' of my origins, now I gotta' get drunk to dance
And forget to put prayer in my plans
Won't give the preacher half a penny, but I toss my man a grand
So he 'don't cop grams
'Say he wanna' leave the street, but the workforce won't let him compete
Now who you blame for that?
Can't find a hustler across the map in a trap, that wanna' sell crack
The self-preservation is the first law of nature
So we 'bout that paper from Jamaica to Decatuh'
I'll kill ya' before we graze ya'
Inherited slave blood comes with hostile behaviuh'
Attracted to the jewels and rings
'Cuz we was once kings
And they want us in chains, both mentally and physically

It's elementary, they want us all gone eventually [x3]

*Man 1: You wanna' know something?
Your kind should be locked up the day they're born
Man 2: 'You wanna' know something? We ARE*