Elliot Ledger - Live A Lie Again lyrics

Open wounds and broken moons
Crawling out inside
Let me in your mind
On the run, a beaten son
Waking in my mind,
Let me out inside.

You're gonna live a lie again

Walking death, and frozen sweat
Breathing breaking down
Can I jump and live?
Falling futures, karma sutra's
Walking against time
Can I live but lie?


It's all doom, broken wombs
Falling out my mind
I'm gonna live my lie again

Widowed women, a clock to ten
Weeping in my mind
I'm gonna live my lie again

Falling through when I take a look at you, yeah
Struggle back wow, I'll walk out of the door now
We'll make it through, it won't be the last thing we do
I won't ask why, I just keep this lie