Ellie Goulding - Life Round Here (feat. Angel Haze) lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Chorus: Ellie Goulding x4]
, Part time love is the life round here
, We're never done
, Everything...
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Ellie Goulding - Life Round Here (feat. Angel Haze) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Chorus: Ellie Goulding x4]
ZH: [合唱: 艾莉古尔丁 x 4]

EN: Part time love is the life round here
ZH: 部分时间爱是圆的生命在这里

EN: We're never done
ZH: 我们从未完成的事情

EN: Everything feels like touchdown on a rainy day
ZH: 一切都在一个雨天感觉像触地得分

EN: [Verse 1: Ellie Goulding]
ZH: [诗歌 1: 艾莉古尔丁]

EN: Now we're at square one
ZH: 现在我们在一广场

EN: And we wait too long
ZH: 我们等待时间太长

EN: Til' we're at square one
ZH: 直到 ' 我们在一广场

EN: (We're never done)
ZH: (我们从不做完了)

EN: [Chorus: Ellie Goulding x2]
ZH: [合唱: 艾莉古尔丁 x 2]

EN: [Verse 2: Angel Haze]
ZH: [诗歌 2: 天使烟霞]

EN: I wonder how you'd feel if you were locked in my mind
ZH: 我不知道你的感受如果你被锁在我心中

EN: See you barely understand my thoughts sometimes
ZH: 见到你有时候几乎不理解我的想法

EN: Little bit of depth and a little bit of God
ZH: 小小的深度和一点点的神

EN: Cause I swear that I be livin' in the dark sometimes
ZH: 我发誓我会的原因有时生活在黑暗中

EN: And it sets in here, nobody gets let in
ZH: 它设置在这里,没人获取让

EN: 'Til I let my emotions out on every single page and instrumental I'm left with
ZH: 现在,我让我的情绪在每个单个页面和器乐上直到我有

EN: Shit, I wonder, will I ever really feel shit?
ZH: 妈的我不知,将过真的感觉狗屎吗?

EN: And if it all takes time and I ask why, will time eventually reveal this?
ZH: 和这一切需要时间,我问为什么,如果将时间最终将揭示这吗?

EN: Cause... remedy, I'm searchin' for the remedy
ZH: 导致...补救,我寻找补救办法

EN: I'm fucked up and my heart's just another ghost of my memory
ZH: 我犯了和我的心的我的记忆只是另一个鬼魂

EN: Knock real hard on real real wood
ZH: 敲实难真真木

EN: Things still feel bad when they're real real good
ZH: 东西也感觉不好当他们真的很好

EN: And my brain's just a wrestlin' [?]
ZH: 我的大脑的只是 wrestlin' [?]

EN: But the more you fuckin' know, less things feel real
ZH: 但你他妈知道的越多,较少的东西觉得真实

EN: Less things feel real, and the time shifts
ZH: 较少的东西觉得真实,和时间转移

EN: And my mind shifts and ain't really anyone or anything I can really vibe with
ZH: 我的头脑转移和真的没任何人或任何东西我真的可以和一起颤抖

EN: Cause... I'm searchin', but I'm terrified
ZH: 原因......我是静寂之中,但是我害怕

EN: And by the time I find what I'm lookin' for, I'll be dead inside
ZH: 时候,我发现我要找的我会死在里面

EN: [Outro: Angel Haze (Ellie Goulding)]
ZH: [尾发挥: 天使烟霞 (艾莉古尔丁)]

EN: Cause part time love is the life round here
ZH: 原因部分时间爱是圆的生命在这里

EN: We're never done
ZH: 我们从未完成的事情

EN: (We're never done)
ZH: (我们就永远不会这样做)