Elijah Wyman - The Sea Has Taken My Darling Away lyrics

My darlings eyes shame the skies.
The sea grew jelous of their gaze,
And raging waters cannot be calmed
By a lovely face or a woman's charm.

They pulled her down to the bottom.
Her eyes can't see the light of day.
They pulled her down to the bottom.
The sea has taken my darling away.

Return to me strong Poseidon
From the sea my darling,
And I swear, I swear you'll never see us again.
We'll never see the sea again.

My darling sat at the bottom
Of the sea and wept for her misfortune,
But raging waters cannot be soothed
By a saddened face or a woman's mood.

They kept her there, below the submarines,
Where no man could ever go.
They kept her there, where no fish is seen.
Tears and water are all she'll know