Elexis Marie - Reflect 4 lyrics

Under your skin Underneath its burning
When i look at you babe i see nothing
Your suffering oh well they are too.
Inside your eyes behind your smile your empty
let go of life just release that memory
It's killing me
And you don't know what kind of life i had to let go
Oh well they left too.

Will you let me swim
Will you let me swim through your veins?
Will you tell those lies
Will you forever be ashamed?

Simply okay Simply you are fading away
Understand within yourself don't play pretend
Don't play These foolish games
Shouldn't see you laugh
Wouldn't see you cry
Couldn't take the pain away
Well i forgive you.

Am i what you need
Am i what you expect?
Don't look away from me
Am i Worthy of your respect?

I don't believe no i don't believe in anything
I just believe in me.