Eleven Thirty - Too Many Lovers lyrics

So many offers
Not one of them from the heart
Just one night lovers
All they want right from the start

Who can I trust?
And surrender my love freely
Too many lovers

Not one of them
Ready to commit more then one week at a time
Too afraid that they may fall in love
Still, I know deep in my heart
One day you'll come my way
And we'll never ever be apart

Can you hear me baby calling you
See me reaching out for
Telling you I need you tonight
Waiting for you
I don't want nobody else to feel me
Can you take me in your arms and kiss me baby
Don't leave me waiting out here dangerously
There may be way too many lovers I see

Stop your waiting
Why don't you just play the game?
My sisters tell me
Might not want him anyway
But I feel him
Closer each and everyday
Too many lovers