Elephant - Ascending The Hallowed Eclipse lyrics

Wait, reflect and take the sands
Appearing, transforming, preparing the plunge
Renewed in phases manifesting spectres
Restored yet contained within a vault
Sights before a flying soul
Remaining silent, only breathing slow
Depths and heights of vindication
Humiliated as exalted

Metrics of mindflow integrate
Transitioning shapes
Decipher the metaphor
Tearing the world afraid in belief

Artful volition of supremacy
Pestilent sings the burning eclipse
Destiny a consequence of choices made
Across the chapter of falling names

Draining sunrays race the realm
The shining man belongs of old

Near the breath, words are gone
Escape the surge of the dying

They shall never leave this pit
Or the putrefied throat of the wreathed animal
Nor shall the hypnotic mouth be shut
But remain wide, anticipating the damned

Solar might and slithering fear
Past the gallows of the hallowed cold

Sailing night clings to crawling skin
Sentient mercury invokes the task
Spirits ascending convulsing
Serpents striking from the coil

Intricate carving
Known beyond the beginning of life
Since before nothing was born
Long after the universe is naught