El Oso - Tonight's Now Tomorrow lyrics

It's another coast, out on the side of town
That keeps my kin busier in blackouts
Than I bet that I have ever been
The rattle of your AC and my '88 on the way to work
Are starting to sound one and the same
But what's dragging behind me might be much worse
You see, the city is swearing, I doctor all I nurse
I'm waking with the shakes, and I'll be damned if I'm not cursed
There's nothing anyone could say to make these headaches cease
To live every evening like your last day
And begin every morning with a good night's sleep
Is far from my normal routine, my nine to five
Tonight's now tomorrow
"Aren't you dying to feel alive?"
The city is scattered with where I've done wrong
Each porch, each bar, and each front lawn
Goodbye to all the times I could legally call mine
I wish I smoked, I wish I drank a little more
Then maybe my eyes wouldn't burn, and I wouldn't be so bored